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Together with LaFerrari and the McLaren F1, the 918 is a supercar at the leading edge of 21st century tech, with hybrid power to supplement its 600bhp V8 and a carbonfibre tub. Priced around £650,000 (making it considerably cheaper than the LaFez and Macca), Porsche plans to build a run of 918 cars (making it around three times less rare). For more information on the Porsche 918, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

The combustion engine bit of the powertrain is descended from the Porsche RS Spyder racing car, a 4.6-litre V8 sending around 608bhp to the rear wheels. An electric motor adds around 277bhp on top of that, applied to both axles. Rest to 62mph is swatted away in 2.6 seconds and the Nurburgring Nordschleife done and dusted in 6min 57sec, the fastest (published) lap time yet for a production car. As well as making more power, the hybrid drivetrain helps achieve surprisingly decent fuel economy for a 900bhp hypercar and bringing the front axle into play provides eye-opening traction. This is a very special car.

The one we’d buy

If you’re really in a hurry, speccing the Weissach package gets the car to 186mph 2.1 seconds faster

The one we’d avoid like the plague

We could live without the Martini stripes. Especially as they cost an extra £10k (yes, really)

Rivals to consider

LaFerrari, McLaren P1


If hybrid supercars are the future, let’s hope they’re all as captivating as this one



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