V12 Vantage confirmed!

Published: 24 November 2021

► Snapped at the ‘Ring
► Follows on from GT3-esqure Vantage safety car
► Could be revealed alongside new facelift 

Aston Martin has just confirmed the arrival of a new V12 powered Vantage that should be here in 2022. Aside from a sound clip, there’s not much other detail – but Gaydon is calling the new car a Final Edition.  

We’ve already seen the new 12-cylinder Vantage testing: Our spy pictures show an altogether more aggressive version of the brand’s ‘entry-level’ supercar, with new vents, details and aero furniture with a hotter, more powerful powertrain lurking underneath. 

What are we looking at?

Gaydon’s engineers have swapped the usual V8 for a V12, and several details on the car point to this being the case. New, camo’d outlets on the mule’s hood suggest higher cooling requirements, and there’s also a wider, more aggressive front and rear apron. 

At the rear, this Vantage sports a centre-mounted dual exhausts, vastly different to the standard configuration. Sources suggest they’re connected to the same 700bhp V12 as found in Aston Martin’s limited-edition Speedster.

When will we see it?

Ever since Tobias Moers’ arrival, there has been an increased focus on Gaydon’s entry-level supercar, and there’s no signs of it stopping. We’ll see the new 12 Vantage next year.