Audi Project Anniversario – grandson of Ür Quattro

Published: 05 August 2009

Ever thought that Audis are a bit on the boring side these days? This one certainly isn't. Project Anniversario is a shot in the arm for Ingolstadt, a hardcore sports coupé carrying on where the ur Quattro and Quattro S1 Rallye left off.

Our artist's impression captures the essence of Project Anniversario – a lighter, stronger, faster Audi S5 Quattro planned for 2012. It was conceived as a back-patting anniversary present to mark Audi's centenary, but that date has now slipped back owing to the global financial slowdown. But the latest intelligence received by CAR suggests that Audi is still deadly seriously about putting the uber-S5 into production.

Project Anniversario: the lowdown

Remember the Quattro S1 Rallye? We certainly do. With a revised version of the original ur-Quattro’s 2.1-litre five-cylinder engine, it kicked out 302bhp over the normal car's 200. The new 2012 car (the neu Quattro?) takes inspiration directly from the S1 with revised body panels, shorter overhangs and a twin-turbo V6 massaged to a fulsome 425bhp.

Project Anniversario is light as well as strong. Audi's engineers are targeting a 1400kg kerbweight; insiders inform us that lighter hang-on body panels, new seats and a revised cabin trim will achieve the 240kg saving over the regular S5. Also in the mix are lighter drivetrain parts, a miniaturised air-con compressor and electrically operated auxiliaries.

Other techincal features under discussion include a Flybrid energy recovery system and a 400bhp version of the TT RS’s five-cylinder turbo.

Visually the new Quattro again takes its inspiration from the S1 with flared wings, bonnet scoops and an angular rear spoiler, depicted in our artist's impression. Rally-inspired alloys finish the purposeful look.

All looks very promising, so why is Audi delaying the project?

As we’ve all noticed, the world is in the grip of the greatest financial depression since the aftermath of WW1. The new model will have to present a solid business case as well as justifying its existence within a Volkswagen group focused on making ecological brand statements. Project Anniversario is signed off and ready to go, but is on hold while the number crunchers do their thing.

If a business case is made, expect to see the uber-Quattro revealed in late 2010 in time for the original Quattro’s 30th anniversary. We can hardly wait.

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