Audi R8: future model plans revealed

Published: 05 June 2008

Audi will launch the V10 powered R8 in autumn 2008 – but it won’t get the company’s trick twin-clutch gearbox, CAR Online has learned.

The supercar from Ingolstadt – powered by the RS6’s hirsute 5.0-litre V10 – will stick with the V8’s six-speed manual and the R-tronic robotised manual.

‘The S-tronic twin-clutch gearbox simply does not and will not fit in the R8,’ said Michael Schoffmann, Audi’s transmission chief. ‘All future R8s will stick with the manual and R-tronic transmissions.’

Styling tweaks to the V10 R8 will be fairly limited, but will include the larger side air intakes (pictured on the car in our spyshots) to help cool the larger engine.

What next for the Audi R8?

Next up is the R8 Spyder, revealed by CAR Online in 2007. The roofless R8 will arrive in 2009 and it’s the last firmly decided R8 derivative, according to engineering sources in the company.

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Ok, so when will we see a diesel R8?

‘We have shown the R8 TDI concept and we want to build it, but we can’t make the existing V8 car quickly enough,’ said our mole. ‘We have already increased production from 25 cars a day to 28 – and started a Saturday shift – but there are still queues of six to nine months in most markets.

‘Why would we launch the R8 with the V12 TDI engine now, when our order books are full and we have the high-performance V10 coming? There is no firm production date yet for the diesel.’

Audi R8: the waiting game…

How long is the wait in the UK for an R8? Walk into a dealership today and order a V8 model and you won’t be given a delivery date before April 2009.

No wonder nearly new examples are still fetching list price and beyond…

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet