Audi R8 GT3 racer spyshots at the Nurburgring

Published: 18 November 2008

What happens when you mix an Audi R8 sports car with the rear wing from a Boeing? Answer: this R8 GT3, caught today by our snapper at the Nurburgring. The fastest R8 yet is on test in its natural habitat hunting down race-spec 911s.

The GT3 moniker dictates the category of racing the Audi is equipped for – not a sly dig at domestic rival Porsche.

Haven’t I seen the Audi R8 GT3  before?

Indeed you have. CAR published the official photos of this 500bhp-plus, rear-drive brute back in August 2008, but we couldn’t resist showing you these glorious track shots fresh in our inbox today.

Check out that monstrous rear wing keeping the R8 glued to the track. The fact that the R8 sits so low to the Tarmac belies its track set-up; we wouldn’t be surprised to see white flecks of the ‘Ring’s famous graffiti on its front splitter.

Sadly, the Audi R8 GT3 is destined for a life on track, not road. Eager fans can expect to see R8s racing some time in 2009 in national and international race series.

Here’s hoping they keep the matte black paint job….