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Published: 04 November 2009

BMW will formally show off the new 5-series later in November 2009 – so these are probably among the last scoop spyshots we’ll see of the new 2010-spec Five.

The crayon-swirl disguise is certainly falling away, with large swatches of metalwork now visible on this saloon caught on test around Munich.

The wide, prominent kidney grille is plain to see and the shape of the headlamps is easily identified on this latest near-production spec model.

So when can I actually buy the new 5-series?

UK sales of the saloon kick off in March 2010, followed by an estate six months later.

Four engines will feature at first: 520d, 530d and 535d diesels will be the big sellers here. Overseas buyers and chairmen may choose one of the more profligate 523i, 530i and twin-turbo 535i petrols.

What are the new 5-series tech highlights?

Much of the technology is already seen on the 5-series GT, the Five on stilts that mixes estate, MPV and limo genes in an oddball niche product that shows Munich’s not afraid to experiment. So Efficient Dynamics tech will include intelligent decoupling alternators, eight-speed auto and stop-start on some models.

In the longer run, CAR reported last week how a hybrid 5-series is likely to be the next petrol-electric BMW. The electric motor is housed in the ZF eight-speed auto ’box, like on the 7-series ActiveHybrid.

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet