BMW 6-series Gran Coupe (2012): the scoop

Published: 21 July 2011

We’ve driven BMW’s 6-series Convertible and Coupe, but there’s one more Six on the way from Munich. Revealed in our artist’s impression, it’s the 6-series Gran Coupe, a four-door Six to take on the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7.

Prototypes have already been spied on test, but this rendering reveals this true shape of the third 6-series model. It’s not quite as elegant as the CS that BMW canned during the recession, but it’ll still be much sleeker than its 5-series sister.

Full facts and figures on the new BMW 6-series Gran Coupe please?

In good time, because it’s still a year before this ‘four-door coupe’ goes on sale in the UK – it should reach British showrooms next summer. However, as this Gran Coupe (the name is expected to be taken from 2010’s concept) is effectively a stretched 6-series Coupe, that means a double wishbones front suspension set-up, a multi-link rear, and the same engines.

Or at least most of the engines. BMW is engineering the Gran Coupe to take the turbocharged 3.0 straight six (640i) and twin-turbo 4.4 V8 (650i), along with the 309bhp 640d unit, but we hear the 640i won’t be sold in the UK. The theory is that most buyers will take the economical diesel route, and those rich enough to be able to afford a large capacity petrol motor will have the cash to cough up for a big V8.

What else?

Other engines under consideration are a twin-turbo 2.0 four-cylinder (a 625i, which may come later in the Gran Coupe’s life to boost sales), and a flagship model boasting the same 552bhp and 502lb ft twin-turbo V8 that’s in the new M5 and forthcoming M6. An M Sport kit, with a butch bodykit, new wheels, different suspension, plus unique seats, steering wheel and other interior trimmings is a certainty.

The cabin will boast the same swooping dashboard as the Coupe and Convertible Sixes, but buyers of either will be unfamiliar with what’s in the back: two proper seats and lots of legroom.

UK sales start next summer, and BMW hopes to shift around 500 of these Gran Coupes in Blighty each year. 

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By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy