BMW M3 (2014) – the F30 sports saloon revealed

Published: 16 April 2012

BMW will launch a range-topping M3 to cap the new F30 3-series family in late 2014.

The new May 2012 issue of CAR on sale this week spills the beans on the new 2014 BMW M3. Click here for a digital preview of the magazine.

BMW M3 (2014): the lowdown

This is the fifth generation of M3 and Munich is preparing a similar car to the outgoing E92 model, with a similar bias of sportiness to all-round comfort.

But in these carbon-crunched times the 4.0-litre V8 is dropped in favour of a smaller 3.0-litre six-cylinder. The second and third generations of M3 used BMW’s favoured six-pots.

CAR’s sources suggest that the new M3 will churn out a similar 450ps – a nice, round 444bhp – to the Audi RS5. That’s some thirty ponies more than the E92 M3’s output.

How does BMW produce so much from a six-pot?

It’ll be twin-turbocharged. One rumour suggests that Munich is developing a V6 spun from the old V8, but our information suggests a more conventional straight six is in the works.

It will however be fettled heavily by M division to serve up the characterful, revvy nature demanded by a likely £60k price tag.

The basic 3-series is lighter than its predecessor and we expect the M3 to be even fleeter of foot; a smattering of carbonfibre is likely, cementing the link to the Project i cars.

When can I buy the new F30 BMW M3?

We hear it’ll launch in summer 2014. The saloon is depicted in our artist’s impression above, but two-door coupe and convertible models will follow, likely wearing the M4 badge, as Munich mulls making its sportier spin-offs even-numbered (like the 6-series).

With the usual M diff and twin-clutch M-DCT transmission, the new M3 will be mighty fast, sprinting to 60mph in less than five seconds.