BMW M6 (2012) - CAR's scoop of the new M coupe

Published: 25 January 2012

BMW is expected to show the new 2012 M6 super-coupe at the 2012 Geneva motor show - but our artist's impression reveals the look of the go-faster Six a few weeks early.

BMW will unveil the M6 in coupe guise first, but a variety of bodystyles is expected. We know there will definitely be a convertible M6 unveiled in summer 2012, but there may also be an M6 four-door based on the elegant 6-series Gran Coupe, aka the CLS from Munich.

We've depicted a four-door BMW M6 Gran Coupe in our second artist's impression above.

What's under the hood of the new 2012 BMW M6?

As with the previous M6, the new 2012 fast 6-series is essentially an F10 BMW M5 in two-door drag.

That means the same bi-turbo V8, mustering some 552bhp from its 4395cc swept capacity as well as a never-ending 501lb ft of torque in one of the flattest plateaus you'll see outside the Cape - stretching from 1500-5750rpm.

So the new M6 will be fast: the M5 is capped at 155mph and BMW claims 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds. Because the two-door is even slippier, it's expected to best the four-door's performance figures.

What else do we expect on the 2012 M6?

BMW is likely to continue its steady quest to become known for its composite skills, so the new M6 is tipped to get a carbonfibre roof like the one first unveiled on the M3 CSL.

The brakes will be carbon too, to haul off those big speeds effortlessly. Have you noticed that the new M5 has blue brake callipers? That's the new colour signature for all M car anchors, as shown in Christian Schulte's artist's impression here.

Expect to see the new BMW M6 in UK showrooms by later summer 2012. The last BMW M6 was unveiled in 2005.

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