Fiat 500e: bespoke EV goes testing

Published: 20 January 2020

► Coming to Geneva
► All-new platform for EVs
► But petrol to follow, too

Fiat recently unveiled a hybrid version of its 500 city-slicker, but it’s also been busy preparing a next-gen EV – and we’ve got pictures of it testing in Turin, Italy. Unlike the current 500 EV currently on sale, the next 500e has been designed from the ground up for an electric powertrain, so it should have the efficiency and range that the low-selling current 500e lacks.

Take a look at the pictures and there’s not much to see – but you can make out a refreshed design. Light clusters look sharper and the shape of the car seems to be more aerodynamic and slicker than before.

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No petrol?

Don’t worry, the new 500 will eventually come with a petrol engine. The main difference between this model and the current one will be the new platform underneath, which has been designed for both electric and combustion powertrains. The same platform will be used in the new, equally teeny Panda.

CAR understands that the 500e will also look a little different to its ICE counterpart. Alongside the usual filled-grille, the 500e will have sleeker styling and include other differences such as deeper indents at the bottom of the door panels. 

We should see the 500e at the 2020 Geneva motor show.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast