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Revealed: the new 2+2 Jaguar F-type due in 2020 - with BMW power!

Published: 08 October 2018

► What's next for Jag F-type?
► We spill beans on 2020 sportster
► BMW power replaces old V8 

It may not seem five years old, but the Jaguar F-type has been around since 2013 - and hence work on its replacement is well underway. Our artist's impression shows the direction that Jag is taking its sports car for the next generation.

The slow-selling F-type will be replaced in 2020 by a roomier yet lighter sports car, CAR magazine understands. We expect both bodystyles to continue: the coupe (pictured above) and a soft-top roadster will again be offered, as Jag mops up sales in different parts of the world.

CAR tests the Jaguar F-type four-cylinder coupe

New 2020 Jaguar F-type: target 911

In the biggest clue that Jaguar is gunning even closer to Porsche 911 territory is the move to make the next F-type a 2+2. Today's rather cramped model is a strict two-seater, but Jag is believed to be shoehorning in (very) occasional rear seats to the next generation.

The current Jaguar F-type Coupe has extended to include four-cylinder power

This has the benefit of extending the F's practicality - and arguably moving the price point 911-wards, away from the cheaper Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster twins. The outgoing F has been positioned deliberately halfway between the two Porsches.

Engineering, BMW engines and electric options

The new architecture underpinning the next Jaguar F-type is no longer called PLA-D6a, according to our sources, who dub it the D7b evolution. It will stick with the aluminium-intensive architecture made in Castle Bromwich - and this one will be even lighter, according to our moles in the supply chain.

So-called Project Jennifer is the codename for the BMW-supplied 4.4-litre 560bhp twin-turbo V8, which is due to kick out the long-running supercharged 5.0-litre V8 originally patented by Ford.

Jaguar F-type aluminium intensive architecture

The notably more economical new engine will eventually also find its way into the high-end Range Rovers and Jaguars. Four-cylinder models will again be offered, using JLR's inhouse Ingenium models.

The new 2020 F-type will remain a front-engined sports car; recent speculation it could go mid-engined refers to a possible additional model, not the F-type successor.

There is even talk of a purely electric Jaguar F-type featuring a 100kWh energy cell and two e-motors rated at 150kW/350Nm each. An electric F-type wouldn't launch before 2023 - and this powertrain is still up in the air, given that battery tech is moving apace.

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