Is Jaguar going on a pan-European publicity drive with its E-Pace?

Published: 03 March 2017

 Jaguar E-Pace prototype spied… again! 
 First it gatecrashed the Stelvio launch
 Now baby F-Pace pops up en way to Geneva

We were surprised when we stumbled upon a Jaguar E-Pace SUV prototype during the international press launch of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio on Monday.

But it seems it wasn’t a one-off. Today we spied the junior crossover parked up in a service station near Calais, as one of our team drove down to the Geneva motor show.

Tom Goodlad was driving down from the Eurotunnel to Switzerland when he saw this jauntily parked crossover in northern France.

Is Jaguar gate-crashing every media event this month? 

Quite possibly. Parent company JLR loves a good publicity stunt – and it might be making a statement of intent in front of the world’s media.

We spy the Jaguar E-Pace on the Stelvio Pass

Equally, it could be pure chance. Sinuous Alpine hill routes are a firm favourite among test drivers keen to push their new prototypes to the limit in the name of endurance, cold-weather and high-altitude testing, after all…

Are you sure this is the new Jaguar E-Pace?

We think so, yes. Our road tester CJ Hubbard spotted the crossover above while on the roads near the Stelvio Pass, where Alfa is launching its own SUV (below).

He reckons it’s smaller than the Jaguar F-Pace, suggesting it probably is an early version of the compact E-Pace.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossover

‘We were surprised to see it driving up and down a section of the launch route,’ CJ tells us. ‘You could tell it was a Jag or LR from its disguise and registration details.

‘We couldn’t miss it. We followed it for a while and it made no attempt to get away. It then pulled over and drove back towards the Stelvios behind us.’

An electric Jaguar crossover

Our man on the ground said the Jag seemed very quiet ‘and possibly electric, although it did have tail pipes.’

We know the ‘E-Pace’ will have an electric-only version, which might explain why this car is registered with zero emissions on the DVLA database.

Below is a spy photo from our earlier scoop of the compact Jag SUV.

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By Tim Pollard

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