Jaguar XF (2007)

Published: 16 July 2007

New Jaguar sir? Suits you, sir

CAR Online certainly hopes so, and that the new XF will finally allow Jaguar to shed its pipe and slippers image. These are the most revealing shots yet of one of the most important cars in Jaguar’s history. Stripped of most of their disguise while hot-weather testing in Death Valley, the XF and XFR (shown above) are slowly revealing their curves.

So will the XF look like the concept?

Ultimately no. Few cars ever do. Our art editor has already bemoaned the XF’s dashboard though we have scooped the car’s new transmission control that has survived from concept to production. In the face of ultra-tough safety tests, emission regulations and demands for more space, the Jag will end up being bulkier than the concept, and a good bit taller too.

That’s still a lot of disguise. What will the back look like?

The concept XF (C-XF), shown at the Detroit Motor Show at the start of 2007, along with our previous spy photos, have given us the best indication. Distinctive LED lights will run into the bootlid and be joined together by a chrome strip. Just don’t expect any of the saggy-bottom look seen on the current S-Type.

When can I see it?

Above, for a start. On the left is the regular XF, whilst on the right is the lowered XFR which has more of its cooling ducts exposed for the hot weather testing. However, the production XF will be unveiled at Frankfurt this September and the state of Jaguar’s order books in the following weeks will give Ford an idea of where its future with Jaguar lies.

By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy