Jaguar XF unveil (2008)

Published: 27 August 2007

Another Jaguar XF? It must be the most scooped car in history!

It certainly has been scooped often enough. But the wait is nearly over... Jaguar will finally publish the full story on the XF - its important successor to the S-type - on Tuesday 28 August 2007. CAR Online will have a full report, video and analysis of this new car, one of the most important launches of the year. Don't miss our special multimedia package. Meanwhile, here's one final scoop of the XF, high-altitude testing in Colorado. Jaguar engineers have been making final tweaks before full-scale production starts in time for the first customer cars in March 2008. This prototype is close to the tree line 10,500 feet up; our spies have spotted others at 14,200ft on the highest paved road in the US. Let's just hope this gruelling test programme delivers a car worthy of all the hype.

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet