Range Rover LWB (2013) – new spy photos

Published: 29 October 2012

Here’s another look at the stretched, long-wheelbase version of the new Range Rover. Due in 2013, the Range Rover LWB is aimed at the plutocrats’ markets in Asia, Middle East and the US where space is seen as the ultimate luxury.

Project L405 has included a long-wheelbase variant from the word go and CAR’s sources suggest the LWB Rangie enjoys an extra 150mm of metalwork put into the wheelbase. Even CAR’s resident beanpole, 6ft 8in European editor Georg Kacher, could get comfy back there.

Range Rover LWB (2013): extra comfort

That stretch brings around 120mm of additional legroom for the rearmost passengers. And buyers will be able to spec two ‘captains’ chairs’ rather than a rear bench as in the regular Range Rover for more ultimate luxury.

Expect plenty of personalisation options – a step on from the Autobiography Edition and its lavish accessories and trim choices.

When does the long-wheelbase Range Rover go on sale?

The Range Rover LWB is expected on sale in 2013. We’d wager that a debut at one of the motor shows in a target market would make sense to the marketing bods. Shanghai in April 2013 maybe?


By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet