Lexus LF-A (2011) new CAR spy video

Published: 30 July 2008

London motor show video

Nissan has the GT-R, Honda is preparing an NSX replacement but what about Toyota? With no new Supra on the horizon it’s been left to Lexus to produce a supercar, and it’s come up with the 5.0-litre V10 LF-A.

Only problem is, Lexus came up with the LF-A in 2004 and it’s now 2008. Nevertheless, we’ve spotted the LF-A testing at the Nurburgring and apparently a production go-ahead is expected within the next 12 months. 
To see the Lexus LF-A in action click on our video player below. And you can browse CAR’s growing library of spy videos by scrolling through the bar on the side of the player below.  
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By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy