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CAR mystery: scoop of the year?

Published: 13 October 2008

CAR has landed a major scoop that we’re continuing to investigate. Come back to CAR Online at lunchtime today for our full story – and amazing undisguised photographs of one of the hottest cars of the moment.

We can’t let on exactly what the car is yet, but we can tell you this is one of the most interesting launches of the decade. So make a note in your diary to log on at 2.00pm (British Summer Time) on Monday 13 October 2008. You won’t be disappointed…

Can you tell what it is yet? Click ‘Add your comment’ and have a guess

STOP PRESS! We’ve now published the story and you can read all about the new McLaren P11 supercar by clicking here. Well done to everyone who guessed correctly!

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet