McLaren MP4-12C (2010): spy video of the air brake

Published: 09 October 2009

McLaren MP4-12C’s air brake

Don’t say we don’t listen to your comments. Atomic rather curmudgeonly demanded video on our previous scoop of the new McLaren MP4-12C’s air brake, so here it is: new film footage of the Macca’s novel aero aid, the Airbrake forced to pop up under braking by passing slipstream.

Our spies in Germany caught the air brake zipping up and down as the Macca tore around the Nurburgring. See it in action in our rough ‘n’ ready scoop  video below – it’s also a good chance to hear the new bespoke McLaren V8 driven in anger.

Why are they still developing the MP4-12C so hard when it’s already been unviled? Because there’s a long wait until you can finally buy one. They’re still going through the planning process for the new factory, and it now sounds like early cars may be built in the existing Woking facility that makes SLRs.




By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet