Mercedes Benz E-class Estate (2010) new spy photos

Published: 19 June 2009

Now that the saloon and coupé E-class models are already on sale, Merc is plotting its next addition: the new E-class estate. Our photographers have just snapped the new E estate thrashing round the 'Ring – at very high speeds, judging by the body roll and squished tyres on this prototype.

The E-class estate is due to make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show in September 2009 with UK sales starting in winter 2009-2010.

Merc E-class estate (2010): the tech spec

As is Merc's norm, the new E-class is benefiting from the trickle-down tech cascading from the top-dog S-class. So expect the new E-class estate to mirror the saloon's techfest – with radar and computer systems to follow the car in front and not hit it, self-tightening seatbelts, intelligent airbag activation and monitor the driver's drowsiness.

Although the new estate is the biggest E-class yet, it is expected to be lighter than previous models. 

Expect a £33,000 price tag for the base E250 – spanning all the way up to around £75,000 for a top-end hotrod such as the E63 AMG, complete with 6.2-litre V8.