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Mercedes E-class (2009) leaked photos

Published: 10 December 2008

Mercedes' new E-class has – like so many new cars – leaked online ahead of next month's official unveiling. Merc was due to show the car in January 2009 ahead of a Geneva show debut, but these three photos have escaped early.

We've been scooping the new E-class for years at CAR Online, so the production-trim cars hold no great surprises. As expected, the front end owes plenty to the Project Fascination concept shown at this year's Paris show.

What's new on the E-class?

These first photos confirm the latest iteration of Merc's new face, with split headlamps flanking a trad chrome grille. Surprise, surprise – the new E-class is bigger than today's car, stretching to nearly five metres long. An estate version will follow around six months after the saloon, just in time for an autumn 2009 debut.

Powering the new E-class is the latest range of Merc motors. Available engines will stretch from a downsized 1.8-litre Kompressor all the way up to a profligate-spec 5.5-litre V8. And tech heads will be intrigued by the prospect of the new E300 Hybrid, packing a 2.1-litre diesel with electric drive for a potential 55mpg and 135g/km of CO2. Shows there's life in the old exec class yet...

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet