Mercedes Pullman stretches new 2013 Merc S-class family

Published: 26 March 2012

Mercedes will launch an extra-long S-class Pullman stretching out to nearly seven metres long as part of the new S-class family arriving in 2013.

As Daimler has taken the kind option and slipped the Maybach some euthanasia pills, the new Pullman will in effect be the stretch-limo option from Stuttgart.

The regular S-class arrives first in 2013; expect to see this stretched limo a couple of years later in 2015.

The Pullman by Mercedes: what the stretch limo delivers

The extra-long S-class used to be badged Pullman, but in future, this traditional model designation will be reserved for a mighty luxury liner that seats six. At 6.5 metres long, it’s not that much shorter than an entry-level stretch limo.

Special Pullman features include rear-facing second-row seats that fold away when not used, an optional partition, a made-to-measure body with upright headlamps, and an eight-window variable-tint greenhouse with sunroof, electric curtains and available armour-plating.

While Mercedes’ Designo personalisation programme will cater for the most diverse colour and trim requirements, the comprehensive high-tech equipment includes Magic Light Control (dynamic LED lighting), Magic Sky Control (variable-tint glass moonroof) and Magic Body Control (camera-based pe-sense damping).

Our moles suggest four different wheelbase options should satisfy the most diverse packaging needs.

Where the 2015 Mercedes Pullman fits into the new S-class range

Here is what we can expect of next year’s new S-class family:

• S-class saloon (W222, 2013)
• S-class long-wheelbase (V222, 2013)
• S-class extra-long wheelbase (X222, 2014)
• 600 Pullman saloon (2015)
• S-class coupé (C217, 2013)
• S-class cabriolet (A217, 2014)
• S-class four-door coupé (C222, 2015, not yet signed off)

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