Mercedes SLK (2011) latest spy photos

Published: 07 May 2010

These are the latest pictures of next year’s new Mercedes SLK...

Hang on! Next year? So there’s no drop-top Mercedes SLK motoring for me this summer?

We’re afraid not. Mercedes won’t show off the new SLK until early 2011 – we expect to see it first at either the (chilly) Detroit show, or at Geneva in March. But then UK sales should start in time for you to drop the top for the summer of 2011. Merc is busy before then – being launched in the next 9 months is a revised CL (now dubbed S-class Coupe) and the new CLS.

So the SLK is a whole year away – what can you tell me about it?

Mercedes isn’t about to change a winning formula – the next-gen SLK will still be a two-seater and still have a two-piece folding roof. But the ingredients are being tweaked; outgoes the F1-inspired nose and in comes a bigger, bolder grille, LED daytime running lights and LED rear lights.

There are changes under the skin too, as the new car will shed around 100kg in flab, which will help the CO2 and fuel economy figures, as well as making the SLK a sharper drive. Don’t expect a Boxster beater though – the SLK will retain its comfortable cruising ability and a manual gearbox will only be available on the lower-power petrol engines and the solitary diesel.

A diesel? In a drop top?

Yes, though fans of filling up from the black pump will be limited to just the twin-turbo 2.1-litre four cylinder. Those after petrol power get a wider choice: a forced-induction 1.8 and a new narrow-angle 3.5 V6 will be the most popular choices.

Everything from eco BlueEfficiency tech to the latest Airscarf neck warmers and the new Aircap wind deflector should be available, while Merc’s Drowsiness Detection system will be standard. 

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By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy