Noble M600 (2009) spy photos and video

Published: 21 October 2008

London motor show video

CAR has obtained – virtually undisguised – spy photos and video of the new Noble M600 supercar. It’s the first time the UK supercar has been seen without disguise and we can now see the mid-engined beast in action.

Noble has gone through plenty of turmoil in the past year, with the departure of eponymous company founder Lee Noble. But it hasn’t stopped development of this key new model, which is due for launch in 2009.

Noble M600: the full story

CAR caught up with Lee Noble before he left the company, and he told us – in December 2007 – that the car was producing ‘480bhp with another 150bhp to come’. Which points to a total power output somewhere around 630bhp, although the power rating could be hinted at in the name.

That grunt comes from a Volvo (you read that right) engine: the V8 from the XC90, longitudinally mounted and breathed upon by two turbochargers. Drive will be sent to the rear axle, making this Brit sports car a potentially lively beast.

Why a Volvo V8? This engine was co-developed with Yamaha and is a relatively lightweight lump – and can be tuned to meet emissions standards around the globe. That’s an important attribute for low-volume car makers keen for access to worldwide markets.

Tell us about the Noble M600 spy video!

Watch the M600 in action in our exclusive spy video below. It was shot in Arizona at an unspecified Noble event. Were they shooting a promotional video for the M600? Or showing it off to prospective buyers or investors? We’re not sure, but we do know it’s a great scoop!

If you’re wondering why the M600 looks so familiar, that’s because this car has suffered a painfully long gestation. The M14 show car was originally shown at the British motor show in 2004 – but ended up stillborn. It morphed into the (track focused) M15 and (roadgoing) M600 projects.

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London motor show video

When can I buy a Noble M600?

It’s a bit early to estimate the price, but CAR understands the M600 will be sold for around £100,000 when sales kick off at an unspecified date in 2009.

Lee Noble described the M600 as a more usable type of Noble. ‘The M12 is a great car, but it’s very focused and I wanted to produce a supercar people could use everyday. It was time for Noble to take a big step up in terms of refinement, practicality and style.’

Sadly, Lee won’t be around at the Leicestershire HQ to see the car launched, but his successor Peter Boutwood is pushing ahead with production plans. CAR has tried to contact Boutwood today and will update the story once we’ve spoken to Noble personnel.

The mechanical spec of the M600

Engineers are targeting a 1100kg kerbweight for the new Noble, which will guarantee blistering pace. Top speed will hover around 200mph while the 0-60mph dash will take three-point-something seconds.

We know the M600 uses an AP Racing clutch and cross-drilled brakes, 20in rear wheels and a Graziano gearbox.

How does it drive? Back to Lee Noble, who told CAR – and nobody else – that it will be every inch a true Noble. Read sensational Modenese performance for roughly half the price.

‘It’s as nimble and perhaps even more so than the M12,’ Noble told us. ‘You can hold it in a drift far easier than other mid-engined cars, so you can charge into a corner far too fast and throw it in knowing you’ll be able to sort it out.’

Scroll down the page to the embedded player to watch spy video of the Noble M600

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet