Porsche 911 hybrid: electrified Turbo snapped testing

Published: 25 August 2021

► New 911 Hybrid is happening
► Could coincide with 992.2 refresh
► Spotted at the ‘Ring 

It’s finally happening; the Porsche 911 is going hybrid. Our new spy pictures appear to show a 992-spec Turbo testing at the Nürburgring – but look closer and you’ll see a yellow ‘hybrid technology’ sticker. Car brands have to display these stickers – even on camo’d test cars – so people are aware of the high-voltage technology in the event of an accident, but it’s a huge spoiler for what’s inside.

Look closer at this 911 Turbo, and you’ll also notice the blacked out windows – once again suggesting this is by no means a normal 911 Turbo: It’s possible that Porsche engineers have temporarily mounted a battery pack where the rear seats would usually be.  

Hybrid in mind

While news of a hybrid 911 is seismic, it shouldn’t come as a shock. Stuttgart has made no secret of the fact its flagship supercar would go hybrid eventually – with spokespeople even pointing out the hybrid system’s mounting points on the 992’s new-at-the-time PDK ‘box.


We also know that like the Turbo Hybrid models scene elsewhere on the Porsche roster, the 911’s hybrid system will be aimed at squeezing out extra horses, not extra miles to the gallon. CEO Oliver Blume is already on record stating hybrid version of the 911 would be ‘the highest performance 911 of all.’

 ‘The 911 is the spearhead of our brand. This car was designed as – and remains – a two-plus-two seater with the engine sitting in the bank, the famous six-cylinder boxer engine, and we will keep this configuration in this iconic car as long as possible,’ he added earlier this year.

‘There is room for some hybridisation. We are working on this, but it’s not the time to tell you when such concept will be on sale. But that is icon will still carry a boxer engine. If you look at the Taycan, we are really happy. More than 50% of our Taycan customers are new to our brand and it drives like a Porsche – it’s as spontaneous and as sporty as any other Porsche, and is a typical Porsche in terms of driver involvement. It supports our strategy to just move forward in terms of e-mobility.’

When is it coming out?

While the spy shots show a hybrid in 992.1 spec, CAR understands the introduction of the hybrid powertrain will coincide with 992.2, a slight refresh of the current design. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast