Next Porsche Panamera: 992-style Sport Turismo spotted

Published: 30 July 2019

► Porsche is preparing a Panamera facelift
► Looks more like the 992...
► ...If you look very closely

With the new 911 (992) mostly rolled out – apart from the hotter GT and Turbo models – Stuttgart is now readying a tweaked version of the Panamera. Our spy photographers have caught the Sport Turismo estate model of Porsche’s executive car testing, and these new photos point to a more 992-looking design. 

Nope, that’s the old one?

Porsche is often accused of changing very little between model updates – but this time we’ve really had to get out the magnifying glass. Between Porsche’s evolutionary design tweaks and the usual testing camouflage, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between this mule and the current model.

The Sport Turismo looks almost identical to the current car from the side...

Look at the front of the ‘new’ Panamera mule and you’ll notice more squared-off 992-style air-intakes, as well as differently spaced fog-lights and indicators. The usual radar system – usually placed under the numberplate – has also moved, and there are now two of them on either side of the car. That could point to more advanced autonomous tech for the new Panamera. 

Around the back there’s an ever-so-slightly changed tail light section, too. We’ll give you a clue: the lightbar across the back of the car now extends to the top of each light-cluster, rather than the middle. This is Porsche, remember, so subtle and evolutionary is par for the course.

The next Porsche Panamera will borrow from the 992

Anything else yet?

We’ve no pictures of inside, but we expect the Panamera to consolidate its tech rather than surge forward again. There are greater changes under the bonnet though: the next Porsche Panamera will adhere to stricter CO2 targets. 

We’ll update the article when we know more about the new Porsche Panamera.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast