Porsche Panamera (2009): interior spy photo

Published: 27 August 2008

London motor show video

We’re finally getting our first look inside Porsche’s Panamera super-saloon. This exclusive spy photo glimpses us the 475-litre boot of Stuttgart’s big barge and proof that those rear seats will fold. So while the basic boot isn’t as big as the 560 litres you can cram into an S-class, you will be able to do a proper trip to the tip. But this is no luxo-limo with a boring three-box shape, but a swooping, sporting saloon. Watch out for that boot door though – with an integrated pop-up rear spoiler it won’t be light.

Remind me of the Porsche Panamera’s key facts

The big Stuttgart saloon is due in 2009 and will feature a 4.8-litre direct injection V8. In ‘basic’ form that means a paltry 400bhp, but add in twin turbos and you’ll get a full-fat 500 horses. 0-60 should flash past in a mere four seconds. The full complement of PASM and ceramic brakes should help keep you out of trouble though.
For those who care a little more about the environment a 300bhp 3.6-litre V6 will appear in 2010, while the same engine will be mated to battery power in 2011 to create the Panamera Hybrid. Four-wheel drive will also be available from the end of the decade, while a diesel Panamera is expected to be confirmed very soon.
Officially Porsche is hoping for 20k Panamera sales each year but we’ve seen internal documents that want production to peak at nearer 30,000 vehicles. We don’t doubt it – with diesel power and a plethora of ex-Mercedes S-class engineers working on the new car it should be very good indeed. We can’t wait to match it up against the Aston Martin Rapide  

By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy