Porsche prototype prang: a transporter spills its secret stash on winter test

Published: 14 February 2017

► Porsche transporter crashes in Sweden
► Nobody hurt – apart from prototypes
► An unusual scoop from winter testing

Winter testing is a dangerous business: cars can fail, heating systems collapse and cars slide off the road. And occasionally, it seems, the test car transporters can crash, spilling their precious cargo for all to see.

Our spies caught this Porsche truck in a tangle, as it took secret prototypes to an undisclosed test venue in Sweden.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, CAR has confirmed, although the road was blocked for several hours as the emergency services cleared the mess.

What was in the crashed Porsche transporter?

‘The trailer got caught by the wind and blew off to the ditch where it then crashed lying upside down,’ our man with the long lens reports.

‘Inside were two Porsche test cars, one of them a mule for the new Porsche 911 (the 992). Both cars are probably totalled, but the most important thing is that nobody got hurt.’

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Porsche transporter winter testing prang in Sweden

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet