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Nicole? It's the new 2019 Renault Clio, spied on test

Published: 06 April 2018

► Meet the new 2019 Renault Clio
► New spyshots reveal Clio Mk5
► Due in winter 2018, EV rumoured

Testing of the new Renault Clio is stepping up as we count down to its world debut at some point in late 2018 or early 2019. Judging by these fresh spy photographs, the supermini will pep up the style of today's Clio with a dash of new Megane style.

This is the fifth generation of Clio and it'll enter the fiercely fought small hatchback sector, where competition has sharpened up in the past year with the arrival of the big-selling Ford Fiesta and quality benchmark, the VW Polo, to name two big heavyweights.

The Clio is another popular car in this small car category; it regularly ranks in the best-selling private retail purchases in the UK, despite being quite old.

New 2019 Renault Clio supermini: spy photos, specs and prices

Today's Clio launched all the way back in 2012, don't forget...

We expect to see the new Clio in November/December 2018; Paris is keen to have its own world debut, away from the rush and noise of a motor show. This is an interesting departure, considering its home show is due to take place only weeks before in the French capital.

So what can we expect on the new 2019 Renault Clio?

Word is an updated iteration of the Renault/Nissan small car front-wheel drive platform will underpin the new bébé from Paris, enabling a host of new technological advances:

  • Autonomous self-driving capability up to Level 2
  • Mild hybrid tech
  • Full electric Clio EV version mooted
  • Most engines remain familiar downsized petrol/diesel motors

The latest connectivity features are a given, and the cabin takes a big leap towards buttonless, big-screen digital services, according to our sources. La Regie is desperate to improve the build quality and materials of its interiors, and its smallest car is designed to showcase the improvements in the volume sector.

See the new 2019 Renault Clio at the Paris motor show in autumn 2018

And the styling under that prototype disguise? We hear that the Renault Symbioz concept car provides a few visual clues. In particular the show car's front grille is said to influence the face of the new 2019 Clio.

In time, a Clio RS developed by Renaultsport is also slated. No word yet on the details of the hot hatch version, but it'll likely stick with a downsized petrol turbo engine.

The new Clio should help boost Renault's fortunes in the UK; in 2017, sales here slipped by nearly 20%, falling to 69,000 a year down from 85,000 in 2016. An eye-catching, tech-fest new supermini could be just the ticket to rekindle past successes from earlier Clios and Super Cinqs - and provide a dose more Gallic flair than some of the clones elsewhere.

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet