Skoda crossovers for all: four new Czech SUVs coming

Published: 26 December 2016

► Four new Skoda crossovers
► New Yeti to be called Polar
► Plus an electric SUV by 2019

Skoda is focusing most of its R&D budget on creating a swathe of new crossovers to join the Kodiaq.

By the end of the decade there’ll be everything from a Kodiaq Coupe to a baby SUV powered by a whispering electric powertrain.

Skoda crossovers go into overdrive

Like every major player, Skoda is trying to milk the crossover cow while demand lasts. Saturation will surely occur sooner rather than later, but right now manufacturers are creaming the fat profits allowed by generously priced and sized SUVs. 

Here’s what they’re launching next.

1) A Kodiaq Coupe

New Coupe version of Kodiaq is coming

In the wake of the new Kodiaq based on the LWB Tiguan, the brand will present the Kodiaq coupe at the 2017 Shanghai motor show. 

Built in China for China, it will likely also come to Europe in 2019. The hardware mirrors the five-door, seven-seat model, but the roofline is dropped for a more X6-alike, sporting allure.

2) The new Skoda Yeti will be called Polar

The new 2017 Skoda Polar

Also in 2017, we are going to see the MQB-platform-based Yeti replacement, named Polar. Out goes the distinctive styling of the Mk1 Yeti and in comes more conservative, VW-mimicking flat sheet metal. A shame.

This is essentially a cautiously restyled Seat Ateca. Tellingly, the Ateca was also developed by Skoda, according to our sources.

3) A compact electric crossover for downsizing fans

Volkswagen's MEB electric architecture will spawn a Skoda crossover too

SUV number three is actually more of a CUV. Derived from the group’s new modular electric architecture (MEB) pioneered on the VW I.D. (above), this coupe-like zero-emissions model will reportedly launch in 2019. 

4) Plus a cheap ’n’ cheerful Skoda SUV

Last but not least, our spies are predicting an inexpensive entry-level CUV which will be assembled in China, with start of production slated for 2019. It’s expected to make it to Europe by 2020. 

For cost reasons, this model still uses the old PQ platform Skoda has kept up-to-date for the Fabia. Rivals would include Fiat 500X, Opel Mokka and Renault Captur.

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By Georg Kacher

European editor, secrets uncoverer, futurist, first man behind any wheel