Subaru's new sports coupé scooped: the Scooby FT-86

Published: 03 September 2010

While the Toyota FT-86 sports car concept has been shown at motor shows worldwide, project partner Subaru has said next to nothing about its version of the exciting rear-wheel drive coupe. But now our spies have sent us these shots of a development mule for the Subaru version, undergoing hot weather testing in the US.

So Subaru's version of the new Toyota FT-86 actually exists?

Yes. Although Toyota has shown two versions of the FT-86 (the FT-86 and FT-8G), Subaru has given little away about its take on the upcoming coupe, with no renderings or concepts having made it into the public domain. But our pictures show development and testing are continuing on the Subaru version of the 'Toyobaru'. The mule is clearly a cut 'n' shut version of an Impreza, albeit with pumped-up, plastic-clad front wings that hint at the width of the new coupe. The back end has been similarly engorged, and while you might believe the raised rear is down to a judicious use of cardboard and duct-tape, it's a clue to the final design.

Power is expected to come from a Subaru boxer engine, and despite the company's all-wheel drive heritage, the latest rumour is that the new coupe (and its Toyota cousin) will stick with a strict rear-drive set up. We also hear that Toyota is responsible for the engineering work on the car, despite the chassis and powertrain being Subaru-sourced, while Subaru is carrying out all the testing.

And when are these rear-drive twins on sale?

Though Subaru has yet to confirm any details on its version of the coupe, Toyota is expected to launch its FT-86 in the final quarter of 2012. Subaru's version should launch shortly after.

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