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New Toyota Supra: price, features, specs, performance and news

Published: Today 11:53

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It’s finally happening, there’s going to be a new Toyota Supra. After years of waiting, the Japanese brand has announced the imminent release of all-new Supra, and spy-shots, leaks and other sources have pretty much confirmed what it’ll look like, too. Based on the FT-1 concept from a few years ago, the new Toyota Supra will share a platform with the BMW Z4, and will come in a Coupe body – just like the original.

Thanks to an ongoing testing program  and rather forthcoming marketing strategy, we’ve been able to dig up lots of details about the next Toyota Supra. So, want to know what the interior of the new sports car is like, how much it’ll cost, what engine it’ll have – or what transmission Toyota intends to stick in it? For that and everything else, keep reading for all you need to know about the new Toyota Supra.

New Toyota Supra: what will it be called? 

Most people are calling Toyota’s next car the Supra, and it’s easy to see why - especially in light of those officially sanctioned tweets and the car at Geneva. It’s one of the most evocative names in the Japanese car world, and the Supra badge holds both history and prestige for Toyota – but it could be called something else.

The Toyota Yaris GRMN is the first car to be sold in Europe under Gazoo Racing banner, and it’s likely the new Toyota Supra will also be fettled heavily by the Japanese firm’s motorsport brand, too.

It now seems less likely that the sports car will be referred to as the Toyota GT-One, as previously speculated. The Toyota GT86 was originally called the FT-86 Concept, and with an FT-1 Concept – widely regarded to be the design bedrock for the next Supra – already shown to the public, it’s just about possible the next Toyota supercar could be called the GT-1.

If you’re a fan of Le Mans or enduracing racing, you’ll know the GT-One was one of the most iconic racing cars ever made by Toyota, and the GT-1 name would be a fitting tribute to the brand’s motorsport history.

New Toyota Supra: likely UK price and release date

While we’re not sure of the price, we can estimate it based on the mooted hybrid powertrain, and the cost of the original sports car range. The original model was a rather pricey £40,000 when it launched a quarter of a century ago – the same as a contemporary Lotus Esprit – and that gives an inflation-adjusted figure of £55,000 for a 2019 version of the car. 

Of course, the price will depend on the models it’s being targeted against, too.

Gazoo Racing are testing the new 2019 Toyota Supra extensively at the Nurburgring

New Toyota Supra: engine

A month ago, a member of the VW Vortex forum posted a scan of Japan’s Best Car magazine, and it appeared to spill all the beans on the new Toyota Supra. According to the report, the new Toyota will feature a 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six block, capable of putting out around 330bhp. What’s more, Best Car magazine claims the next-gen Supra will divert power through an automatic eight-speed ‘box and be good for a 0-60mph time of just 3.8 seconds – making it pretty rapid indeed.

New Toyota Supra: transmission

New reports suggest the Supra come without one huge feature; a manual transmission. In a move that’ll surprise fans of the iconic sports car, it’s very possible that the next Supra will offer a DCT transmission, and well, that’s it.

This information comes from an interview with Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada  and Japanese magazine Info Seek, so it’s certainly a reliable source. When asked if the new Supra would coming with a manual transmission, Tada replies ‘at the moment, it is not; it is just a dual-clutch transmission.’

Tada goes on to say that’s partly because the new car could produce too much torque for a manual transmission. ‘I think whether it is not fun if (the) MT is a large power car like the next Supra,’ he explains. ‘Raising the torque of the engine will make the shift feel worse.’

That makes sense, but with several reports suggesting that the BMW Z4 – which is mechanically similar – will still offer a manual transmission, it does feel like an omission on Toyota’s part. However, it’s important to remember that Tada says the Supra doesn’t have a manual transmission ‘at the moment,’ so one could be developed before or after launch.

New Toyota Supra: interior

We’ve already seen the outside of the imminent Toyota Supra countless times, but we’re now getting a look at its interior. Just like most of our spy shots, our newest snaps show the car's cabin disguised by camo. Despite that, you can still see the Toyota’s steering wheel and dial layout – and see the car’s automatic transmission.

From what we can see, the new Supra looks to have a relatively conventional interior, with rather modern cockpit dials. It’s an interesting take for Toyota, and presumably little bolder than the interior of the BMW Z4 – the Supra’s sister car.

New Toyota Supra: performance specs

Developed jointly with BMW, the new 2019 Toyota 'Supra' coupe will be built alongside the next-generation Z4Toyota’s version, codenamed J29, will be available in hard-top form only - whereas the BMW Z4 will remain a coupe-convertible. It’s just one example of how the two brands are keen to have clear water between the two projects, so they’re not competing with each other.

The BMW and Toyota have been co-developed and share the same rear-wheel drive architecture. It’s a reflection of a shrinking global market for sports cars that two giants of manufacturing are having to collaborate to get the efficiencies of scale required to get this project off the ground.

New 2019 Toyota Supra codenamed J29: specs, prices and news

Our sources suggest that the two products will look totally unrelated, despite sharing so much of their hardware. This is not merely a reskinned Z4, insiders insist, unlike the close similarity between the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ, for instance.

Engines are understood to be mixture of four- and six-cylinder BMW units, mostly turbocharged and available with dual-clutch transmissions; leaked documents suggest a manual gearbox is not currently a given. Both models are expected to be built by Magna Steyr in Austria, reflecting their low-volume status.

The electronic architecture of the two cars will be identical, but with different programming: the digital dials and e-networks will be essentially the same, but tuned with different look and feel for each brand. Engineers cite a 50:50 weight distribution as being a key objective of the new architecture, which bodes well for handling and poise on the road.

New Toyota Supra: will there be a hybrid version?

Toyota has revealed a concept car that could provide some serious clues about the new Supra. The Toyota GR Super Sport Concept is a wild-looking LMP1-style supercar, but its hybrid engine could very well end up in the new 2019 Toyota Supra.

The Super Sport Concept (above) is a product of Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s motorsport arm, and it’s partly been shown to emphasise the company’s race-to-road initiative. The Super Sport Concept is powered by a twin-turbo, direct injection 2.4-litre V6 engine combined with what Toyota calls a Hybrid System Racing powertrain – and it’s possible something quite similar will end up in the new Supra.

From a branding perspective, it makes sense for the new road car to use an engine partially developed by Toyota’s motorsport programme. And the engine currently sitting in the GR Super Sport Concept ticks all the relevant boxes...

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