Toyota FT-86 (2012) prototype spy video

Published: 25 May 2011

Toyota continues to develop its upcoming FT-86 sports car. Our latest spy video catches the compact sports coupe on the way home from testing at the Nurburgring. The test drivers don't have much of an opportunity to open-up the 2.0 litre flat-four engine on the commute home, but it's a good chance to see the FT-86 in action.

Our spies follow the FT-86 all the way home - this camouflaged prototype turns into a suburban driveway and parks in the garage. Note the Supra in the driveway - perhaps providing some dynamic inspiration for Toyota engineers?

Whilst prospective FT-86 owners will be focusing on the end of our video trying to imagine how the rear-drive sports car will look parked in front of their homes, most readers will be more concerned about dynamics at higher speeds.

Our sources indicate that the FT-86 is undergoing final tuning of steering and suspension in the latest round of testing. Despite rumours of a high-performance turbocharged variant, this car is the naturally aspirated standard car, not the bespoilered one we spied last week.

Toyota engineers have the challenge of delivering a car that provides easy oversteer for the drift crowd, and safe dynamics for style-led customers not looking to recreate scenes from Japanese drift cartoon Initial D at every roundabout.

>> Looking forward to the FT-86, or worried that it will tarnish Toyota's reputation for hybrid eco-cars like the Prius? Share your thoughts in the comments section below