German makers hit the brakes: recession cuts revealed

Published: 11 June 2009

The economic crisis has hit every car maker on the planet – and some manufacturers are coping with the downturn better than others. But even the relatively upbeat German-based brands are having to trim their new model programmes as a result of sliding profits and, in some market segments, decimated sales.

We've tapped our contacts in Germany and compiled this list of projects that have been put on hold, or in some cases jettisoned altogether, as businesses seek to trim costs and defer investment until sunnier financial climes return. It totals a rather surprising 45 new car projects put on hold.

TT Speedster, TT Shooting Brake, Le Mans racer R15-based supercar, A7 shooting brake, A8 Sportback, Roadjet ESV

GT lightweight four-door coupé, M1 supercar (pictured), GT2 (the Z8 replacement), GT3 (based on next 3-series), X7, X4 coupé, 1-series shooting brake, 6-series shooting brake

Mondeo coupé (pictured above), Fiesta RS, sub-Ka city car, A-Max baby MPV, B-MAV-based Berling/Kangoo fighter

Premium crossover based on Theta matrix, Tigra replacement, Astra TwinTop replacement, Corsa Caravan

R-class replacement, S-class coupé, S-class limousine, Maybach 51, Maybach 57/62 replacement, C-class coupé and convertible, SLT shooting brake, Smart Fortwo-plus-Two

Roxster, Boxster Speedster, Cayenne Clubsport (a sportier rear-wheel drive one), Cayenne four-door coupé, 911 GT1

Polo MPV, Phaeton replacement, New Beetle-based Kübelwagen, Polo cabriolet, Scirocco cabriolet, Phaeton II coupé, Polo Variant, Golf VI cabriolet

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