VW Polo R (2013): the extra-strong Polo

Published: 24 May 2011

VW is readying a Polo R hot hatch, to slot above the Polo GTI and inject a dose of sportiness to ape its VW Golf R big brother.

The new June 2011 issue of CAR Magazine reveals Volkswagen’s masterplan for the Polo range – with crossovers, esates, saloons, MPVs and even a coupe under consideration. Click here for a free digital preview of CAR Magazine.

Volkswagen Polo R: the lowdown

The new Polo R is expected to arrive in time for Volkswagen’s new WRC rally campaign. That suggests an on-sale date in 2012 or 2013.

Internally, the car has been referred to as Polo R20, but following the downsizing mantra and tumbling engine capacities, it will in fact be badged Polo R. That’s the same nomenclature as the Golf R.

It will be a hot hatch positioned above the Polo GTI, and – to cement the link to the Polo R WRC – it will pack a range of tech, including 4WD, dual-clutch gearbox and a high-output turbo engine.

How fast will the new 2013 VW Polo R be?

No benchmark figures are available yet, but we know a fair amount about the mechanical recipe: the R hot hatch reportedly boasts a 210bhp engine (some sources predict nearer 250bhp!) and it’s likely that it’ll come from a 1.6 to keep the spiritual link to the WRC racer.

Four-wheel drive will be offered; Audi is developing 4wd for the A1 quattro, and the same tech can transfer over to Wolfsburg. A seven-speed DSG twin-clutch transmission is planned.

Woah. It’s all change for the VW Polo range!

Indeed. The Polo was launched in 2009, and a facelift is planned for 2013. If all these variants see the light of day, it will be increasingly hard to call the VW Polo dull any more.