VW Project Trinity: what comes after the ID range of EVs

Published: 29 July 2022

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Volkswagen’s ID range of EVs is the first wave of electrification in Wolfsburg – a springboard for VW to launch a range of electric cars at scale in quick order to repent for its sins of the Dieselgate emissions scandal. But there’s more, much more, under development back at HQ for the second half of this decade.

Project Trinity is the codename for what follows and this sleek four-door express, depicted in CAR’s artist’s impression by Andrei Avarvarii above, will be one of the first iterations of the new SSP electric car architecture – the platform that can be used with any size car from any VW Group brand. 

Standardised batteries that can be scaled up or down depending on range and performance requirements, 800-volt electronics, bi-directional charging and much better range are all promised. In time, SSP will supersede the group’s MEB and PPE hardware for all its electric cars.

An official sketch of VW Project Trinity

The car has already been teased by VW in the single sketch above, confirming a sleek, low-slung four-door saloon bodystyle.

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So what exactly is VW’s Project Trinity?

Like Project Artemis for Audi, Project Trinity is VW’s set of blueprints for next-generation electric cars. VW’s ID range will be reinvented using Trinity R&D learnings, kicking off with this model, which insiders describe as a downsized, less opulent Audi GrandSphere (below) that pioneers VW’s new design themes and autonomous tech.

Audi GrandSphere will be a twin for 2026 VW Trinity EV

It will sport Level 4 autonomous driving capability and a new electronic network, enabling software on demand and subscription services. Yes, VW is also preparing to charge users for different features throughout the life of the car. It’s a way to streamline production, so all features (such as heated seats or autopilot) are essentially made standard-fit and then customers pay to unlock functionality.

The new saloon won’t be a generic clone. ‘We can still address specific vehicle and brand requirements,’ promises VW Group board member for R&D (and Audi boss) Markus Duesmann. ‘From 2026, Trinity will scale SSP into volume. By the end of this decade, it’ll cover a bigger volume than MEB and PPE put together.’ 

So is this a VW ID.7 or 8?

We don’t yet know the exact badge the Project Trinity VW will wear. But don’t get confused between this and the ID.7 coming in 2023. That saloon car, previewed by the Arteon-sized VW ID. Aero concept (below), runs on the conventional MEB architecture with a predicted e-range of around 380 miles. 

VW ID.7 due in 2023

The Trinity-based electric exec is expected to be larger, with more advanced tech on board. Our sources suggest a next-generation 100kWh battery, twin e-motors for serious punch and all-wheel drive and a launch date of 2026.

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By Georg Kacher

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