First look at the Volvo V90 Cross Country: the V90 goes up in the world

Published: 03 June 2016

► First look at V90 Cross Country
► Based on brand-new V90 estate
► Raised ride height, new bumpers

While all eyes are on Volvo’s just-launched V90, the Swedish manufacturer is already putting the finishing touches to the jacked-up Cross Country version.   

So, plastic arches, bigger ride height, yes?

The V90 Cross Country is expected to follow the same recipe as previous Cross Country models such as the XC70, meaning the addition of bulked-out bumpers, larger wheels and chunkier tyres.

This prototype does sport a noticeably raised ride height, along with what appear to be enlarged roof rails, to enhance the overall impression of height. 

Engine-wise, expect the more powerful, high-torque engine options to be offered; the V90 XC may forego the entry-level D4 diesel, and a ‘twin-engine’ T8 hybrid variant may later join the range.

Stay tuned for first official pictures before the end of 2016.

By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, occasional racer