Volvo V60 (2011) new CAR spy photos

Published: 18 February 2010

Volvo is concentrating on what it does best: building big estates. This new V60 will be the third estate model in Volvo’s range, when it goes on sale in 2011.

Our spies scooped the new 2011 Volvo V60 as it slithered across a frozen Swedish lake during winter shakedown tests. Although taken from a distance, it’s our first look at the new wagon version of the S60.

The V60 will share the hardware underpinning the new S60, which makes its debut at next month’s 2010 Geneva motor show. That means front- and four-wheel drive, and a range of petrol and diesel engines which will include Volvo’s take on Ford’s Ecoboost tech: downsized, direct-injection and turbocharged engines.

Volvo V50, V70 and now V60. It’s estate overload!

Well, Volvo is certainly focusing on its brand values. But the V60 will be aimed at a slightly different clientele to your average antique dealer, with a more lifestyle, sporting bent to it than the upright, boxy V70.

Its positioning is in line with Volvo’s aim for the S60 range: that it’ll be the best-handling front-wheel drive compact exec car out there. That’s quite a shift in emphasis for a company better known for safety, ecological matters and tank-like practicality.

To help change perception, the S60 and V60 twins will have power outputs up to 300bhp, torque vectoring systems and a sporty cockpit that’s remarkably driver focused for a Volvo.

What’s with the new V60 name?

CAR Online revealed Volvo’s plan to overhaul its confusing nomenclature a few weeks ago. CEO Stephen Odell plans to streamline the badges, as seen with the S60, V60 and XC60 – instead of having staggered numbers such as S40 and V50.

By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy