CAR reader spots mystery coupe in Scotland

Published: 11 June 2011

A CAR reader has submitted this puzzling shot of a vehicle caught testing in the Scottish Highlands last week.  

The reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, managed to catch a shot of the car from a passing bus, but couldn't offer any clues as to the vehicle's identity: 'It looked like a coupe/hardtop. Only got a glimpse as it turned just above traffic management control. There was a film unit half way up the road and somebody in our bus said it would be covered up by the time we got the half mile up the road. Sure enough it was.'

Test your car-spotting skills and let us know what you think the mystery car is. The feature line visible through the car cover seems rather Bentley-like, but if you think you know what the car is, or have any further information about the mystery car on a film shoot in the Scottish Highlands last week, let us know.

>>Is the car under the cover so obvious your sister's cat could identify it blindfolded, or do you have some insider info? Share your theories in the comments section:


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Reader's article

By Mark Hamilton