CAR reader spots the 2012 Citroën DS5 in Paris

Published: 08 June 2011

CAR Online reader Avanti got a surprise when he caught the upcoming Citroen DS5, undisguised and parked on the street in Paris recently.

The DS5 is the latest addition to Citroen’s DS premium line, following the DS3 and DS4. As with its predecessors, the DS5 represents a restyling of an existing Citroen. In this case, it’s the C5 midsize hatchback which gets reimagined as a premium crossover in DS5 form. The DS5 will also offer the option of PSA’s Hybrid4 drivetrain, which provides diesel power to the front wheels with electric motors powering the rear wheels.

Avanti writes: ‘A few shots of the Citroën DS5 taken in Paris late night. It was my first sight of the DS5 in real life. Really more impressive than on pictures. I did not expect the car to be in the streets that soon.’

Why the surprise at spotting the DS5 in Paris? The new car was only announced in April, and shown as the DS5 White Pearl concept at the 2011 Shanghai motor show. The DS5’s European debut wasn’t scheduled until the 2011 Frankfurt motor show, and UK sales aren’t expected to begin until 2012.  

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By Mark Hamilton