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Once a rugged, part-estate, part off-roader that became a farmer’s favourite, the Forester’s gradually morphed into a more generic soft-roader. There’s a choice of petrol and diesel engines, all of them boxers. For more information on the Forester, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
It may have moved away from its agricultural roots, but the Forester’s still a practical, no-nonsense kind of 4x4. It’s a bit anonymous looking, inside and out, but drives well on-road and is more capable off it than many of its softer-edged rivals. It’s a shame the interior’s so drab and the pricing can’t be more competitive, because this box with a boxer in it is an entirely capable car.

The one we’d buy
2.0 XT turbo for performance fiends, the 2.0 diesel for everyone else

The one we’d avoid like the plague
The Lineartronic CVT gearbox blunts acceleration and makes progress noisy work

Rivals to consider
Land Rover Discovery Sport, VW Tiguan

Good for towing, can off-road a bit, reliability likely to be bulletproof


Tragic interior, tough rivals

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