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When the first-generation RAV4 arrived back in 1994, it was something really quite new and interesting: a fun-looking compact 4x4 with the high seats and butch styling of an off-roader but the easy-to-drive nature and low running costs of a hatchback. If anything, it was a forerunner of the modern crossover breed. Nowadays it’s just another school run soft-roader. For more information on the Toyota RAV4, click on our further stories on the links below. 

60sec road test
The RAV4 once had the small to mid-sized soft-roader market more or less to itself, but it’s a tough place to compete these days. Sad to say, the latest RAV4 doesn’t quite cut it. These days it’s a much bigger beast than the fun-sized original, its dimensions placing it mid-table in the SUV marketplace. That makes it a practical enough family workhorse, with a luggage ‘hammock’ in the boot to help prevent your shopping from unpackaging itself. The rest of the interior is the usual ho-hum affair we’ve come to expect from Toyota – sturdily built but lacking in flair. The RAV4 is a competent car, but lacks any standout spark to help it stand tall against a host of capable rivals.

The one we’d buy
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The one we’d avoid like the plague
The petrol CVT – it’s noisy and not particularly fuel-efficient

Rivals to consider
Ford Kuga, Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V, Nissan Qashqai, Subaru Forester, VW Tiguan

Reliability, easy to live with

Rivals are cheaper, more efficient, more stylish

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