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VW’s second stab at a reimagined Beetle, it offers a bigger boot, more interior space and a more assured drive this time around. Much of the car’s hardware is shared with the pre-MQB Mk6 Golf.

60sec road test

Engine range includes 1.6 diesel and a spread of petrols culminating in the surprisingly racy 2.0 TSI, dipping under eight seconds to 62mph with an Audi-style pre-programmed crackle on upshifts. While there is more space inside than the previous ‘new’ Beetle, tall rear passengers might still feel a bit cramped. Convertible version makes a good fist of things, with better refinement than the Golf drop-top, but you can’t see much out the back when the roof’s up. An improbable hot version was launched in 2014 called the Beetle GSR, limited to 100 examples in the UK.

The one we’d buy

1.4 TSI, or 2.0 TSI if you want to pose at pace

The one we’d avoid like the plague

The GSR. What is the point?

Rivals to consider

Citroen DS3, Mini


Stands out from the crowd


Definition of a Marmite car. You’ll like it a lot, or not at all

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