Volvo XC40

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Volvo has made a name for itself with its SUVs and crossovers - and now the XC90 and XC60 have a smaller brother: the Volvo XC40. It's one of the first products spun off the new Copmact Modular Architecture (CMA), developed alongside parent company Geely, and will sire a whole family of smaller Volvos, all badged as the 40-series. 

60sec road test

We haven't driven the XC40 yet, but all the omens are stacking up kindly for the baby Volvo crossover. UK Volvo XC40 prices start at £27,905, pitching it into the heartland of one of Europe's - and the world's fastest growing segments. It'll be built at Volvo's Ghent factory in Belgium and first UK deliveries are due in spring 2018. Buyers can pick from a choice of front- or all-wheel drive, and all XC40s will be powered by 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines, stretching in power from T3, T4 and T5 petrols up to D3 and D4 diesels. A depowered three-cylinder engine is expected later in the car's life, as Volvo continues its quest to electrify its range.

The one we’d buy

Too early to say. Note how Volvo will offer subscription bundles on the XC40, with pay-monthly packages to include insurance, tax, servicing and other ancillary bills.

The one we’d avoid like the plague

Tbc, but we doubt there'll be a clunker in this range

Rivals to consider

Audi Q3, BMW X3, Range Rover Evoque


Good looks, distinctive, some really clever touches dotted around the cabin


Can they make the quality match the larger Volvos'?

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