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Is brand loyalty dead? Why car buyers are more promiscuous than ever

Published: 30 September 2015

► Has Britain become a nation of badge snobs?
► We investigate the notion of brand loyalty in 2015
► Vote in our poll: are you a switcher? 

Are car buyers wedded to certain brands any more? In a week in which Volkswagen and Audi’s reputations are mired in scandal, it’s an interesting time to ask. Especially since they came first and fourth in a new poll of brand loyalty by digital marketing gurus Rocket Fuel. They found the most loyal car buyers in Britain are:

1) Audi 61% buy another Audi
2) Mercedes-Benz 56%
3) Alfa Romeo 51%
4) Volkswagen 41%

At the other end of the spectrum, researchers found Hyundai (15% brand loyalty), Mazda (17% retention) and Fiat (22% repeat purchase) had the poorest customer loyalty, as customers increasingly shop around and try out new marques with each purchase.

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