Best electric car lease deals for less than £200 a month

Published: 25 March 2021 Updated: 26 March 2021

CAR’s budget EV leasing options
► Renault, Nissan and Hyundai make the list
► Cars with up to 245 miles of range

EVs have long been considered a premium choice compared with internal-combustion options. A Renault Zoe is more expensive than a similarly spec’d Clio. A e-208 is more than a diesel 208. An e-Golf was more than a regular Golf. In cash, anyway.

But cash is an imprecise measurement because only around 10% of new car sales are done with people stumping up the full fee. The good news is that modern car financing helps even the EV playing field.

There are loads of leasing options for EVs that’ll cost you less than £200 a month. Leasing, often called PCH (Personal Contract Hire), is a bit like a very long rental. You pay an initial rental and a series of monthly payments before returning the car at the end of your contract.

We’ve found some cracking leasing deals for EVs that will leave you with change from £200. All these deals have been found through our partner site

Best EVs to lease for under £200 a month 2021

Renault Zoe 

Renault Zoe £200 a ,month

  • Price per month: £212.94
  • Initial rental: £2115.46
  • Contract length: 48 months
  • Annual mileage: 5,000

A fantastic way to transition from ICE to electric, the Renault Zoe is an impressive EV that boasts a WLTP range of 245 miles. Now in its third generation, the Zoe has matured into one of the best small EVs you can buy.

The interior is much nicer than the old car’s and it features a swath of fancy technology including autonomous emergency braking, traffic light recognition and blind-spot warning.

The best deal we’ve found for a Renault Zoe is for £212.94 p/m on a 48-month contract with an initial rental cost of £2115.46 and an annual mileage figure of 5,000.  

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Nissan Leaf 

Nissan Leaf £200 a month

  • Price per month: £185.99
  • Initial rental: £1115.94
  • Contract length: 48 months
  • Annual mileage: 5000

The first everyday EV to get it right, the Nissan Leaf is still a solid choice if you want an EV you can use as your main transport without breaking the bank.

The 168-mile range for the basic version isn’t class leading, but it’s still more than enough for most people. The 239-mile range for the e+ variant is better but you’ll struggle to find one for sub-£200 per month.

The best deal we’ve found for a Nissan Leaf is £185.99 p/m with an initial payment of £1115.74 on a 48-month contract and a 5000 mile per year limit. 

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Hyundai Ioniq 

Hyundai Ioniq Electric £200 a month

  • Price per month: £173.31
  • Initial rental: £1758.79
  • Contract length: 36 months
  • Annual mileage: 5000

Not as stylish or happy-go-lucky as other EVs, the Hyundai Ioniq doubles down on being practical and pragmatic.

Its range of 193 miles isn’t anything to shout about and the 134bhp on tap isn’t the best, but what it lacks in performance and range it makes up for in terms of space and price.

We’ve found a Hyundai Iconiq for £173.31 p/m with an initial rental of £1758.79 on a 5000-mile-per-year contract over 36 months.   

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MG ZS EV £200 a month

  • Price per month: £195.82
  • Initial rental: £1369.92
  • Contract length: 48 months
  • Annual mileage: 5000

Believe it or not but you can get a fully-fledged crossover EV for under £200 per month in the form of the MG ZS EV.

The 164-mile official range is less than ideal, but it is the largest car on this list and even the most basic model is packed to the rafters with tech.

The best deal we could find for the ZS was £195.82 p/m for 48 months with an initial payment of £1369.92 and a milage limit of 5000.  

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Seat Mii Electric 

Seat Mii electric

  • Price per month: £170.33
  • Initial rental: £1021.98
  • Contract length: 48 months
  • Annual mileage: 5000

Another city car to ditch the ICE entirely, the Seat Mii Electric takes the charismatic Mii in a new direction.

The 161-mile range is perfect for city driving and it’s a thoroughly impressive city car. If you aren’t convinced by the Seat badges, the Skoda Citigo-e is broadly the same car.

The best deal we’ve found for a Seat Mii Electric is £170.33 on a 48-month deal with an initial payment of £1021.98 and an annual mileage limit of 5000.  

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Smart EQ ForTwo 

Smart EQ Fortwo £200 a month

  • Price per month: £154
  • Initial rental: £1596
  • Contract length: 48 months
  • Annual mileage: 5000

How does a two-seater EV coupe sound for less than £200 a month? Yes it may be more of a city car than an modern day EV Honda Beat but the Smart EQ ForTwo is one of the cheapest ways to enter the electric revolution.

It may only offer 70 miles of range and less storage space than most sports cars but that’s hardly the point. And for a few quid more a month you can even stretch to the cabrio and enjoy open-top driving when the sun comes out.

We’ve found a Smart EQ ForTwo for £154.00 p/m for 48 months with an initial rental fee of £1596 and a 5000 mile per year limit.    

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Renault Twizy 

Renault Twizy £200 a month

  • Price per month: £165.24
  • Initial rental: £1586.16
  • Contract length: 48 months
  • Annual mileage: 5000

Certainly one of the oddest EVs you can lease, the Renault Twizy blends the small dimensions of a moped with some of the weather and crash protection of a car.

Ideal for city use thanks to its light weight, tiny dimensions and short range, it may not be the most obvious choice of EV – but it does have some charm.

Although if Citroën decides to bring the Ami to the UK the Twizy may well be left playing second fiddle.

If you are prepared to brave it in a Twizy the best-value leasing option we’ve found is £165.24 p/m for 48 months with an initial rental cost of £1586.16 and 5000 miles per year.  

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By Ryan Gilmore

Deputy commercial content editor looking after product testing for CAR and Parkers, veteran car detailer and double bucket enthusiast