Porsche Panamera LWB coming in 2012

Published: 26 July 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

Porsche insiders have confirmed to CAR it will launch a long-wheelbase Panamera XXL in early 2012.

The LWB Panamera will sport a 150mm wheelbase extension to free up more space for rear-seat passengers. As well as helping burly businessmen schlepp between Frankfurt and Berlin, long saloons enjoy great demand in China. 

A new 911 every 49 days… is the same going to happen to the Panamera?

The LWB Panamera marks the start of a symbolic stretch of the Panamera family, to keep the four-door sports saloon ticking over as it becomes fully developed.

We’ve already seen a steady launch of new engines – petrol, diesel and hybrid – and now Porsche is committing to an array of bodystyles, following the tried and tested recipe that’s worked wonders for keeping sales of the 911 afloat as it matures.

In the longer run there’ll even be a smaller limo, dubbed Pajun, to slot underneath the Panamera, just as the Cajun compact SUV will sit beneath the Cayenne 4×4.

Porsche Panamera: a facelift in 2013

The next big step for the five-door coupé is a comprehensive facelift due in 2013, according to our sources in Stuttgart.

At that point, it may make sense to add a four-seater coupé which would act as spiritual successor to the 928.

This rendering of a possible two-door Panamera did the rounds a few months ago, purportedly published briefly on the Porsche Consulting website.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words