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How much? £94,440
On sale in the UK: September 2009
Engine: 5972cc twin-turbo V12, 544bhp @ 5250rpm, 553lb ft @ 1500-5000rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
Performance: 0-62mph 4.6sec, 155mph (limited), 21.7mpg, 299g/km
How heavy / made of? 2105kg/steel
How big (length/width/height in mm)? 5072/1902/1484
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BMW 760Li (2009) new CAR review

By Greg Fountain

First Drives

27 July 2009 10:01

BMW 760Li video

Of the many things we have to thank the Chinese for, this brand new BMW V12 engine is perhaps the most surprising. No, the unit wasn’t built in Beijing, it’s just that were it not for China’s insatiable taste for tasty limos you surely wouldn’t be reading this. A quarter of all the V12-powered BMWs built since 2002 ply their trade under the shadow of the Great Wall, while Europe moves on to smaller, more efficient engines.

So, is the new BMW 760i's V12 an inefficient engine?

God, no! It’s inescapably the most superbly crafted lump ever to pack this many pots, and claimed to be the most efficient V12 on the market. The figures back this up: power is up 22% on the previous BMW V12 (the new engine produces 544bhp), yet fuel consumption is down 5% (to a still rather scary 21.7mpg).

The engine is all aluminium, with the two banks of the Vee set at a 60deg angle, making room for the two turbos to sit on either side – the first time a 12-pot has ever used twin turbos, with high precision injectors and double-VANOS variable valve technology. The effect is one of effortless, seamless power and incredible refinement – floor it on the autobahn and you simple can’t imagine there’s such a huge lump working in front of you.

And what about the new gearbox?

It’s the first eight-speeder for BMW. Developed by ZF, it’s no heavier than a six-speed, and features uniquely designed cogs which allow the engine to skip gears fluently to minimise unnecessary work and friction. The box was designed with the V12 in mind, and it shows in the fluency of the delivery.

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BMW 760Li (2009) new CAR review


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reward badge

Brand0 says

RE: BMW 760Li (2009) new CAR review

With all due respect, ATOMIC, was that meant to aimed at me?  The comment I guess you refer to was a bit tongue-in-cheek, however, as a forum supposedly full of those interested in driving, I'd have thought it obvious that most BMW's will be tested for comparison as a drivers tool, as opposed to a pampr machine. Afterall, a buyer has to balance pros and cons, so while the Merc is rightly the number 1 full-size saloon in most areas, the 7 has consistently been the driver's choice ue to engines and handling, relatively speaking. As much as I admit to a bit of Bavarian bias, I've NEVER intimated that the 7 was THE benchmark in it's class.  I agree that it never will be, so long as driving pleasure is the number one priority.

03 August 2009 10:09



OmarFatmi says

RE: BMW 760Li (2009) new CAR review

yeah well, it is a good car with all the facts 'bout it's specs but i still think the Merc S-Class is way better in refinement, luxury, the BMW on the other hand is a beautiful machine but i still think if you hve this much money then why not spend on a Merc S-Class and for car lovers you do know tht Merc S 63 AMG has the most powerful normally aspirated engine so if Merc and the guys in AMG can do tht why cant people in the 'M' division do somethin for BMW?


03 August 2009 04:27


a t o m i c

reward badge

a t o m i c says

RE: BMW 760Li (2009) new CAR review

 Brand0, the 7er isn't the benchmark in its class and well you know it. Never was, and quite possibly never will be...

02 August 2009 16:34



reward badge

akashsky1 says

RE: BMW 760Li (2009) new CAR review

The first time a 12pot has ever used twin turbos? First for a BMW yes, but the Mercedes S600 v12 had twin turbos since 2004. So there.

02 August 2009 11:03



reward badge

akashsky1 says

RE: BMW 760Li (2009) new CAR review

The first time a 12pot has ever used twin turbos? First for a BMW yes, but the Mercedes W220 S600 has had twin turbos since 2004. So there.

02 August 2009 11:02

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