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Published: 18 August 2016

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The new September 2016 issue of CAR magazine is on sale on Wednesday – in print as well as digital editions for Apple iPad, Google Play, Readly, PocketMags, Nook and Kobo e-readers.

Flick through our gallery above to see some of the highlights of the new issue, including:

  • Inside Tesla!  CAR is granted access deep inside HQ of the EV revolution
  • Model X road trip  Across the land of oil, by Tesla's electric crossover  
  • Will the real Porsche Cayman stand up?  All about the new 4cyl coupe
  • Tech special  Autonomous off-roading, we go 'pontooning', PSA's tech breakthrough 
  • And Britain's best crossover is...  Kia Sportage vs BMW X1 vs VW Tiguan
  • New v used  A new Merc A45 AMG hyper-hatch, or a secondhand GTR?
  • Maserati road trip  To Monaco by Maser GranTurismo Centennial Edition
  • F1: back to the future?  Why the Silverstone Classic could reignite F1
  • Aston Martin DB11 driven  The most detailed review yet of the new sports car
  • Long-term test fleet:  Farewell 7-series, WRX, to Le Mans by Ford S-Max
  • The best opinion  Gavin Green, Mark Walton and all your favourite writers

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By Phil McNamara

The editor, since 2006

  • The new September 2016 issue of CAR magazine: we scoop new AMG supercar!
  • A Tesla special report: we go deep inside the car world's Apple
  • Texan road trip: across the land of oil in a Tesla Model X
  • Will the real Porsche Cayman please stand up? We find out all about the 4cyl coupe
  • And the UK's best family crossover is...
  • Driven: the new Aston Martin DB11