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Published: 14 February 2017

► A digital preview of CAR magazine
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The new March 2017 issue of CAR magazine is on sale – in print as well as digital editions for Apple iPad, Google Play, Readly, PocketMags and Kobo e-readers.

Flick through our gallery above to see some of the highlights of the new issue, including:

  • VW Golf special  We drive new GTI - and meet the 2019 ID concept
  • Inside the Volkswagen fightback  How dieselgate is reshaping VW
  • Backstage at the WRC  CAR bobble-hats from the Monte Carlo rally
  • Pagani's private tour  Horatio takes us deep inside his supercar empire
  • Starter super-saloons  Merc C43 AMG vs Audi S5 vs Infiniti Q50 
  • New vs used  New Peugeot 308 GTI or a used Honda Civic Type R Mugen? 
  • BMW's 'M7' driven  BMW M760Li rated and slated by Georg Kacher
  • Mini Countryman shoot  Can baby crossover cut it on an English country shoot? 
  • First drives 21 newcomers tested - from Bentley Supersports to Mazda MX-5 RF
  • Car makers rated  Who's the biggest seller globally? Ups and downs, we reveal all... 
  • What drives us  CAR magazine's daily drivers - new Macan, Caterham, bye bye Disco Sport  

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By Phil McNamara

The editor, since 2006

  • The new March 2017 issue of CAR magazine, on sale now!
  • Every key new car driven: led by brawny new Bentley Supersports
  • Driven: new VW Golf GTI. Still got the magic?
  • And here's what the 2019 VW Golf looks like: meet the Volkswagen ID concept
  • Giant test: Merc C43 vs Audi S5 vs Infiniti Q50
  • Inside Pagani - a guided tour by the eponymous founder
  • Mini Countryman vs the English country shoot. An alternative first drive