Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

Published: 16 September 2015

The new October 2015 issue of CAR magazine is on sale now – in print as well as digital editions for Apple Newsstand, Google Play, Readly, PocketMags, Nook and Kobo e-readers. Flick through our gallery above to see some of the highlights of the new issue, including:

► McLaren to build BMW supercar Woking and Munich unite. It worked for the F1...
Has Porsche blown it? Exclusive first ride in the new, turbo-only 911 Carrera
► Inside Bentley's HQ Close up with the new Bentayga, and the craftsmen creating it
MX-5 moment of truth New sports car hero battles Toyota GT86 and Audi TT
► 12 first drives New BMW 7-series, Clio Trophy, McLaren 675LT, Disco Sport
Huracan vs autobahn Just how fast can we make our long-term Lambo go?
► New Audi TTS or used 911 C4S? Tough one. We're here to help
► 24 hours with McLaren's 650S LM Escape from La Sarthe in one very special supercar
► Best crossover for £25k We test HR-V vs CX-3 vs Renegade vs 500X
► Tiny hot hatches, giant test Can Mini JCW beat ST, VXR and 208 GTi?

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By Phil McNamara

The editor, since 2006

  • CAR magazine October 2015 issue
  • Last time BMW and McLaren collaborated on a road car the F1 was born. They're at it again...
  • 12 first drives, including new tech-crammed BMW 7-series
  • It's the biggest 911 shake-up for 18 years. We ride in the new, turbocharged 991 gen2
  • Exclusive access to the new 187mph Bentley Bentayga, and the craftsmen creating it
  • Sports car showdown: new MX-5 vs GT86 vs TT
  • Just how fast can we make our long-term Lamborghini Huracan go?
  • Spanking new Audi TTS or pre-loved Porsche 911 C4S? Let us help you decide