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How much? £44,145
On sale in the UK: May 2008
Engine: 2993cc 6cyl, 286bhp @ 4400rpm, 427lb ft @ 1750-2250rpm
Transmission: Six-speed auto, four-wheel drive
Performance: 6.9sec 0-62mph, 34.0mpg, 220g/km CO2
How heavy / made of? 2185kg/steel
How big (length/width/height in mm)? 4877/1983/1690
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BMW X6 XDrive 35d (2008) CAR review

By Richard Aucock

First Drives

05 April 2008 00:00

London motor show video

We’ve heard of niches, but come on – an SUV coupe? Sounds a bit roast beef with ice cream to us. But from June 2008, that’s what BMW has in store. The X6 is the latest addition to the maker’s SUV portfolio of X3 and X5, which is already the best-selling premium line-up in Europe. The X5 3.0d is, surprisingly BMW’s third best-selling single model outright.

The new X6 isn’t meant to be a mass-seller (no surprises there), but a stylish alternative to the X5 upon which it’s derived. Think of it as an off-road, 4x4 6-Series, they say. But is that too much for the motoring public to get their heads around, we say…

I can’t get my head around the new BMW X6!

Wait until you see it to complete the brain-scramble. It’s slightly larger than an X5, pumped up and bulging like Floyd Mayweather – but has a roofline that, from above the driver’s head, falls rearwards like it’s been squashed by a huge thumb. Yet still the bootlid is adult chest height. It’s undeniably dramatic, but with time, the bug-like stance grows on you, making conventional SUVs look boxy and twee.

The X6 is bound to create a hullabaloo, but we predict that in a year’s time the storm will have passed and other makers will be scrambling to follow suit. Remember Chris Bangle’s much derided ‘flame surfacing’ design mantra?

Inside, the cabin takes its cues from the X5 up front, so the seat is still set high (that’s why people buy ‘em) but having just two, individual rear bucket seats is more controversial. This is a huge car that can accommodate just four people – and tall adults will feel cramped in the back. The last car to attempt something similar was the ill-fated Renault Avantime…

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BMW X6 XDrive 35d (2008) CAR review


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Rpkman says

RE: BMW X6 XDrive 35d CAR review

Love reading folks comments on the x6. It generates such polar opinions and discussion. Most, including tv and magazine test drives, seem not to be immediately impressed by the looks, but all agree on the driving experience being immense. I've never been one to bother much about what others say mind you, and prefer to research for myself. Therefore I did, and I just bought one, and it is without doubt the best handling car I've ever driven (the handling and poise are just amazing) The looks are definitely an acquired taste, but in metallic black with 20" wheels, it certainly generates interest from anyone who sees it. I've yet to come across any of my family and friends who see it and aren't impressed, if only for its size, imposing looks etc. The kids and blokes think it's cool, grans think it's scary, wives don't know what to make of it. The 4 seats is a pain if you regularly want to carry 5 folks, but hey, go for an x5 if you want a big 4x4 bimmer and want to carry a few people. But for me, the x5 I had before this wasn't in the same league for driving experience. i love this car, I love the fact that BMW decided to be different and try something a bit different, and I'm convinced that they'll sell enough of them to make it a worthwhile exercise, and at the moment don't know of another car on the market with the same ability, looks and impact. If you're keen to really know what they're about, try to get a shot of one, I reckon you'll be impressed.

02 March 2009 22:35



reward badge

medrad says

RE: BMW X6 XDrive 35d CAR review

X6=car that is made to fill the last blank area in the automotive industry purpose list-(pointless,ugly,useless)...Bangle mania forever!

17 November 2008 08:29


Peter B

reward badge

Peter B says

RE: BMW X6 XDrive 35d CAR review

Oh Ggeo, it's noticeable alright! To me it looks like the body is too small for the wheels. From the rear, in particular, it looks, to my eyes, a bit silly! Might catch on, but I think the X5 is a much better looking machine and less noticeable!

30 June 2008 18:15



beachracer says

RE: BMW X6 XDrive 35d CAR review

What can I say but BMW have lost the plot again!! I thought they had learned their lesson after the 6 series but obviously they are still employing the same old tired - lacking vision designers.......the ugliest car ??? or SUV ?? 4 seater .... do BMW know what they want this to be??...beyond belief I love BMW's but until they bring back the old days!! I will add though, I still believe you can't beat German engineering...but designing?? just look at the Audi R8, now they now what they want!

12 June 2008 22:28



peteward says

RE: BMW X6 XDrive 35d

Everyone seems to be saying that the X6 is the first time someone has ever thought of a coupe SUV. But isn't the Spyker D8 exactly this? It had the coupe bodywork combined with a raised ride height back in 2006. And IMHO it looked an awful lot better -- a bit OTT of course, but that's Spyker. It was also lighter than the X6.

31 May 2008 21:22

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