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How much? £47,500
On sale in the UK: Now
Engine: 3456cc 24v V6, 276bhp @ 6400rpm, 252lb ft @ 4700rpm
Transmission: Six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Performance: 5.1sec 0-62mph, 162mph, 33mpg, 205g/km CO2
How heavy / made of? 1382kg/steel
How big (length/width/height in mm)? 4342/1848/1223mm
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Rated 4 out of 54

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Lotus Evora (2009): the new CAR review

By Chris Chilton

First Drives

12 May 2009 09:00

So Lotus is rinsing out another Elise variant, eh?

No, the Evora really is new, the first all-new Lotus for nearly 15 years in fact. It’s built to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman and 911 and slots into the Lotus range above the Elise and below the forthcoming Esprit.

You might have read our innovative, real-time test drive blog live from the launch of the Evora. That might have conveyed our excitement from the event – and now’s our chance for a more considered full first drive.

How can the new Lotus Evora take on both the Cayman and 911?

A couple of reasons. First, a £47,500 price puts it squarely between the two Porsches on price, and secondly, buyers have the option of adding a couple of tiny rear seats for a £2375 premium. The Evora is the world’s only mid-engined 2+2 and certainly much prettier than the last volume effort, Ferrari’s ungainly Mondial (although we’ve got a soft spot for its wedgy Bertone predecessor, the 308 GT4).

Like a 911’s rear chairs, they’re no use for normal-sized adults other than for a quick trip round the corner. But they’re perfect for kids. The Evora’s wheelbase is the same regardless of configuration – if you haven’t got kids and don’t need the seats you save money and get some extra luggage space.

How does the Evora differ from the Elise?

The chassis is all-new. It’s still made from bonded aluminium extrusions but this time it comes in three parts: the central tub, a front frame and a rear frame. Splitting the chassis like this has huge benefits when it comes to repairing crash damage. In fact, when Lotus was conducting crash tests, it ended up not using a couple of the central tubs it had brought along.

After stoving in the front or back end, engineers just unbolted the subframe at the requisite end, fitted a new one to the undamaged tub and moved on to the next impact. No wonder Lotus claims the Evora is 2.5 times stiffer than an Elise.

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Lotus Evora (2009): the new CAR review


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jayxhk says

RE: Lotus Evora (2009): the new CAR review

I was hoping Lotus would come up with something nice. Speed / handling aside, this Evora is unbelievably UGLY!!!

Audi TT is not sexy, but it is not ugly.

Cayman's tail looks a bit odd, but it is not ugly either!

24 July 2009 12:32



Anonymous says

RE: Lotus Evora (2009): the new CAR review

The lines are definitely weird. and why not a full 3-seater instead of 2 midget seats at the back?

02 June 2009 08:56



reward badge

kkirkou says

RE: Lotus Evora (2009): the new CAR review

I love the looks of it in general and I really like the refreshingly simple and plain interior. I find it has shades of the last Elan in its shape (not a bad thing)  which I believe will be more aparrent if they ever make a cabrio.

18 May 2009 09:29



reward badge

JohnnyBimmer says

RE: Lotus Evora (2009): the new CAR review

Attomole - I wasn't suggesting you were being flippant, I thought you raised a good point and took the opportunity (torch) you raised to boot the Germans after they stuck the boot into the Brits for years for using glassfibre and plastic (long before them).

15 May 2009 22:55



reward badge

attomole says

RE: Lotus Evora (2009): the new CAR review


I was being flippant. The material used is not an issue as it is put to good use here in the engineering sense as it keeps the car light and production costs low, They can also make styling changes easily, which again  in this case is a good thing

15 May 2009 07:58

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